If I had a billion dollars…


I grew up near Atlantic City and because of that, I am not a gambler. Around my 21st birthday I took the obligatory trip to AC, lost $200 on the roulette wheel in about 20 minutes, and decided that I work too hard for my money to let that be a habit of mine. The craziest I usually get now is buying $20 in scratch offs if I’ve hit my tip goal for the week at work. Then it takes me so long to cash the winning scratch off tickets in that the game has long since expired. I’m just not a gambler.

I did, however, cave and buy $20 worth of Powerball tickets today. I don’t really think I’ll be the one to win, but who can pass up the chance at $1.5 billion?? That’s an absurd amount of money. I wouldn’t even know what to do with a million, let alone a billion. But I’m more than willing to take on the challenge and dream about what I would do with that much money.

The first thing I would do is hire a tax attorney. Then, I will pay off my debt, T’s debt, our house, and set aside a trust fund for Peanut and Baby #2, along with setting aside their college funds (yes, they still have to go to college). We’d also start looking for our forever home (or homes – I’ve always wanted a beach house) and rental properties. Once that is all taken care of, I’d like to pay off the debt of our immediate family and close friends – probably in the form of a set amount per person, but I’m not sure yet. The goal is for them to each have a home that’s paid off, no credit card debt, and no student loans. They’re on their own from there. Whatever they use the money for is up to them, whenever they blow it all is on them also.

Next, I’d like to travel. Just spin a globe and go wherever chance takes us. I’ve always wanted to show my kids the world and let them experience different cultures and ways of life first hand. That way they are more tolerant and understanding of all the different people they meet. I don’t expect them to like everyone. I do expect them to not judge new people until they get to know them. The best way for that to happen is for them to experience different people.

I’d also like to quit my job. I always thought I would be the person that continued to work even if I had all the money in the world. Now that I’m a mom, I don’t think that’s the case anymore. Instead of working, I’d like to go back to school indefinitely. Not necessarily for a degree, but just to continue learning new things. It would be nice to have that opportunity without worrying about financial aid/debt/etc. I’d probably still write, though. I’ve really started to enjoy writing on here every day. It’s rewarding to finally feel creative again.

While we’re daydreaming here, is $1.5 billion enough to buy my way into Congress? Because there are quite a few things I’d like to change there. Sorry to get political on you for a moment. First stop, term limits for Congress men and women. I don’t think anyone should be able to make a career out of being a politician. It should be something you do in addition to a real job – to keep you humble, grounded, and out of the nation’s wallet. There should be regular, everyday, hardworking people throughout Congress in order for the actual voice of the People to be heard, not just the people who have made a career out of setting themselves up to be financially secure forever. Okay, rant over. Sorry.

Probably the most satisfying part of winning, aside from being financially secure for the rest of our lives, will be walking into work, yelling, “Peace out, Bitches!!!!” at the top of my lungs, and walking back out the door. LOL

Well, a girl can dream. Until then, I’m going to continue sticking to my budget and saving for the future. Good luck to any of you out there who played.

I’ll write again tomorrow.


Author: Candice

I am a wife, mom of 1 1/2 (it'll officially be 2 in May), part time waitress, avid reader, and an unpaid comedian, chauffeur, cook, maid, therapist, and cuddler. I love my family more than anything and as scared as I am to start over on this whole mom gig, I'm so excited to do it again.

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