Here it is… Day 2 of the new year, and I’m already struggling to stick with my resolution. In my defense, however, it has been a long couple of days with very little sleep and LOTS of driving. Remember when I said they wouldn’t all be winners? This is probably going to be one of those days.

Peanut came home today and so far all is well. She had a great time at her dad’s, she’s spending the night at Grandma’s, we have a birthday party tomorrow, and school starts back up on Monday. It will be nice to get back in the swing of things before the snow hits and the kids have random days off of school.

Tomorrow is also my grandmother’s annual New Years’ party where all of our extended family gets together. 6 hours away. I’m sad that I’ll be missing it this year, but things have just been too hectic to make the drive this time. My grandparents mean the world to me and I’m not sure how much time I have left with them, let alone how much time my kids have with them. I try to attend every event that I possibly can. If nothing else, I want my kids to remember them and know how special they are to me. I can only hope my parents mean as much to them and that one day I have the honor of meaning that much to their kids.

I come from a large, very close family. At times, this is the greatest thing you can possibly dream of. At other moments, you want 5 minutes alone and no one knows what that means. I’ve seen my cousins and little sisters go through this dilemma countless times since I went through it myself and my advice for them is always the same. “The great thing about having a family that’s up your butt 24/7 is that we will never let you fall so far that you can’t bounce back. There is always someone to help you up.” We’ve helped each other out countless times over the years. We’ve also had lots of arguing and who’s not talking to whom moments. You get over those parts.

My husband’s family is much smaller. Where my aunt and uncle might as well be my big sister and brother, their kids my nieces and nephews, etc., he just has his immediate family. This too has its benefits. They don’t argue nearly as much because they are all they’ve got.

Every situation, in family, life, work, friendship, etc. has its challenges. It is how you get through those challenges that defines you. Find the positive in the situation, learn from what happened, and move on. Holding onto grudges doesn’t benefit anyone. (By all means, if someone is absolutely toxic to your well being, cut them out of your life completely. Family or not, no one should be able to make you feel that way. But that is an extreme circumstance.)

Sorry. Have to sign off now. I know this post was a little all over the place and I apologize. This is the most cohesive thought process I had going at the moment. I hope you gained something from reading it, though.

Have a wonderful night. See you tomorrow with a more cohesive message! 🙂

Author: Candice

I am a wife, mom of 1 1/2 (it'll officially be 2 in May), part time waitress, avid reader, and an unpaid comedian, chauffeur, cook, maid, therapist, and cuddler. I love my family more than anything and as scared as I am to start over on this whole mom gig, I'm so excited to do it again.

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